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Which communities will you join?


Marketing Ops (MO Pros) is a community of thousands of Marketing Operations Professionals (MO Pros) that aim to elevate each other and the role of Marketing Ops daily. This community is made up of marketing ops professionals from a wide array of industries and backgrounds. Our members have experience in multiple marketing automation platforms and a wide variety of marketing technology solutions.


MOPsPROs is a community of marketing operations professionals with the mission of connecting with each other for the advancement of the profession, its acceptance & adoption within marketing organizations.


The Growth Operations Community is a professional network focused on helping organizations drive business growth. They believe growth happens when marketing, sales, and customer success align to deliver excellent customer experience, and that collaboration between these functions is what drives exponential growth.

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RevOps Co-op is a community for RevOps pros delivering resources, content, and community for those who love revenue operations. Also, check out their great definition of revenue operations!


Wizards of Ops (aka #WizOps), is the best place to meet other people just like us — no need to explain what we do and why we do it, just a great community to get advice, accolades, and dive into the sorcery of our everyday conundrums. You’ll find lots of experts, lots of memes, and even more industry know-how in our dedicated Slack channel, and not a single sales rep. 


CMOs and anyone looking to become a marketing leader are welcome to join The Next CMO Community, a community of over 3,000 marketing leaders. The goal of the community is to improve the marketing profession by providing content that helps existing leaders evolve and meet the new standards of success in the digital age while serving as a learning environment for aspiring CMOs.

Women in Revenue

Women in Revenue is a transformative organization which elevates, highlights and encourages future female leaders. The community strives to remove barriers and power career trajectory forward, together unlocking new opportunities for women in revenue generating roles through networking, education, mentorship and many other benefits.

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Systematic is a community of nearly 5,000 Business Technology and RevOps professionals. It includes professionals working in Sales Ops, Marketing Ops, and more. While the group at large includes business systems professionals working throughout the field, there is a sub-group specifically for RevOps members to discuss relevant topics and network.

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The Pros and Content Community is a private community for today's content leaders. Our community provides unfiltered, honest and open discussion opportunities for the biggest names in content today, to share their best practices and work through their greatest challenges.

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Opsy is a community of folks doing opsy things in tech. Operations is anything that keeps the business running smoothly, which includes subspecialties like marketing ops and revenue ops, and this community was created to share resources, learn from one another, and build our networks!

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Only Influencers is a community for email industry professionals. Membership is open to all email industry professionals, regardless of your level, area of speciality, or time in the industry.


Women of Martech is a professional organization for anyone who identifies as female in the marketing technology industry. The organization aims to promote and amplify the experiences, contributions, successes, achievements, and innovations of women in MarTech, including actions tied to revenue, process and efficiency, diversity and inclusion and social responsibility.


The UK Revenue Operations Meetup is a group for anyone working or interested in Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement. They hold monthly events that attract a range of sales operations/ sales leaders/ sales enablement/ Revenue Operations leaders as well as Marketing Operations professionals.

Regional Communities


Marketing Tech in the Hub hosts invitation-only events for senior professionals in the MarTech/marketing ops ecosystem in Boston. These roundtable discussions have covered topics like vendor negotiations, hiring for MarTech, ABM, and marketing analytics. For more information on joining the group please contact founders Justin Sharaf, Erica Seidel, or Sam Melnick.


Marketing Mentors is an active Slack community of 350+ members from the US and around the world for members to offer and ask for advice on a variety of topics – careers, marketing technology, strategy, referrals to resources, and more.

masters of martech linkedin group

The Masters of MarTech (Minnesota) is a LinkedIn community for driven and passionate marketing technology leaders to connect and collaborate with one another.


Smarketing CONNECT is a global community of sales & marketing professionals who provide services for small businesses. In addition to being a resource for teams looking for freelance and contract marketing help, Smarketing CONNECT has an active community of members.

There are numerous regional, national, and multi-national groups to join. Find the ones that best fit your needs. So many choices! Below are listings for the Ops Communities relevant to MarTech but we’d also like to showcase the great work the ladies of Operations Nation have done to create a landscape of all the communities supporting professionals in operations roles.

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