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The increased complexity of marketing tech stacks has given rise to specialist consulting practices to help with strategy, technology decisions, implementation, and overall stack management. If you need assistance there’s plenty of help available.

MarTech Specialists


Sojourn Solutions is a growth-minded marketing operations consultancy that helps ambitious marketing organizations solve problems while delivering real business results.


The Pedowitz Group has served over 1,500 customers and has over 600 certifications across 75 technologies. Customer experience is now a competitive battleground, yet many companies continue to struggle providing a seamless omni-channel, personal experience to customers and prospects. Challenges around digital transformation, marketing operations, and technology overload continue to impede companies from achieving success. That’s where we come in.


InfiniteIQ Consulting was founded with a simple goal in mind: to ensure that technology investments serve the business, by increasing customer engagement, raising shareholder value, and aligning to company objectives. We’re helping organizations of all kinds in a variety of industries develop and execute digital strategies that ensure that their business activities, processes, and core competencies can fully leverage the latest digital technologies. Services include: Stack Audit & Assessment, Stack Strategy, Technology Recommendation, Negotiation & Implementation, and Stack Management.


Wide Open Networks: The innovative growth catalyst. Our passion is to support companies that radically shift the way we live towards a more sustainable future, go viral.


Underworks is a Japanese agency that helps clients provide their customers with a seamless and personalized journey by combining deep industry knowledge, digital technologies and a human-centered design approach. Services include: Discovery (Research and Assessment), Strategy (Strategic Planning), Data (Analysis and Integration, CDP and BI), Communication (MA, CMS, Website Development and Content Curation), Execution (Operational activities), and Digital Governance (Guidelines and Policy Management, and GDPR Compliance).


Clickr is a one-stop solution for all your digital marketing needs. Clickr provides integrated services for your marketing strategy, creative production and tech development solutions. They also provide consultation services to companies looking to grow their existing team and strategy to greater heights.

As part of Underworks Japan, Clickr is also uniquely positioned to provide your brand with Marketing Orchestration - harmonizing your strategy, policies, systems, data, operations, and organization of marketing through a combination of technologies that transcends borders.


KPMG emboldens marketing teams with the insight they need to build trust, transform their organizations, and seize new opportunities. Their team of functional and industry specialists can address your marketing needs from strategy through execution.


CS2 does the MOps work so your marketing team can focus on working better and growing your revenue.

The team focuses on: Martech, Salestech, Revops, Platform Ops, Campaign Ops & Marketing Intelligence.

Check out their great “how to” videos

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Etumos is a marketing technology consultancy focused on innovating B2B & B2C marketing. They act as consulting marketing technologists, making sure that everyone from startups to enterprises get the pristine best practices and best marketing technology stacks available. They are relentless in pursuing not just one solution to your problem, but the right solution to your problem.


MartechTribe supports your marketing department in finding and configuring the right software in the shortest time possible. We support the end-to-end vendor selection process (including demo’s and Stackathons) as well as the design of the configuration blue print that reflects the way your team operates best while delivering on the strategic goals. Over the past decades we have developed tooling to fast track software selections. The tooling has been co-created with many CMOs as well as based on proprietary research such as the Interactive Supergraphic.


You can find great companies that know how to use technologies to run campaigns, but Measured Results Marketing provides help at the system and operational level. We build your Demand Generation Ecosystem® to coordinate a complex set of programs, people, and tools so you get shortlisted by your target prospects.

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Highbridge are digital transformation consultants specializing in the strategy, deployment, migration, implementation, and integration of enterprise cloud software. Highbridge helps companies to develop the people, processes, and platforms to maximize their investment on technology.


Integrate IQ brings the data you want in and out of HubSpot for you, so all information you could ever need is right at your fingertips. Their focus is integrating systems with sales and marketing data. Every single day they sync 4,100,000 fields through our integrations and another 65 million through data warehouses. They help clients solve problems by connecting data sets and systems that can’t talk.  By doing that they unlock great reporting and automate business functions.

BDO Digital

BDO Digital, formerly DemandGen delivers demand generation, lead management consulting & marketing automation expertise with Eloqua, Marketo, HubSpot & Salesforce CRM.


Definitive Results helps marketing teams transform their operations through the power of marketing automation. Services include: Stack Audit & Assessment, Stack Strategy, Technology Recommendations & Implementation, and Stack Management.


Heinz Marketing: Your digital infrastructure dictates how you go to market. A robust martech stack enables greater agility and data-driven precision. Gain a strategic approach to your marketing and sales technology. One that’s focused on measuring results and ensuring your systems and tools are tightly integrated and able to support the continuous growth of your organization.


IQ Equity is a customer-centric, data-driven consultancy whose goal is to help guide customers through the steps necessary for enterprise-wide digital transformation utilizing Digital Asset Management (DAM) software as a metadata engine as the basis of a content driven and fully-enabled Marketing Technology (MarTech) stack. IQ Equity are also the publishers of the DAM Maturity model.


The Lumery is a Marketing & Technology Consultancy, using data & technology to bridge the void between brands and their customers. They help brands understand, build and execute on the core functions required to make MarTech work.

demand spring

Demand Spring is an integrated Revenue Marketing consultancy that helps marketing organizations stand taller by enabling them to scale their ability to contribute to pipeline and revenue. Their team of Revenue Marketing Strategists, Content Marketers, Marketing Technologists, Advisors, and Digital Marketers help our clients transform their marketing practices, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and drive revenue.


Merkle help brands build dreams from data and create deeper customer relationships. From analytics to technology to commerce, we guide and empower businesses to form the capabilities that connect the dots and make experiences irresistibly personal.


Wipro puts the customer at the center of a multidisciplinary, agile approach: alignment of strategy, design, and technology around the customer journey, enabling innovation of the product service experience through iterative, incremental activations and deliver continual enterprise transformation at speed and at scale.

Creative Operations Consultants


With Cella you can gain an edge with best-in-class creative operations assessments. Every company is looking for opportunities to improve and strengthen their operation. That’s where Cella's proprietary Creative Operations Assessment can help—identifying and prioritizing key changes and improvements that will drive real impact. Fortune 500 companies have benefitted from Cella’s Operations Assessment and can do the same for you, enabling your team to perform at best-in-class levels of work quality, service delivery, cost effectiveness and adaptability.

Revenue Operations


SBI, The Growth Advisory is a management consulting firm specializing in sales and marketing that is dedicated to helping innovative companies grow their revenue, margin, and enterprise. Comprised of former sales and marketing leaders who spend every minute of every day thinking about one thing: Making Your Number, SBI is a firm that is drawn to companies with aggressive goals and unreasonable time lines because we enjoy working on projects with a lot on the line.

Vendor Negotiators


NaaSive provides no-risk expense optimization. They are 100% performance based, charging % of savings only. Software, hardware, and professional services expenses are growing almost as quickly as vendor market caps. The opportunity for cost savings is massive. NaaSive delivers these savings for all agreement types – new, renewal, and upgrades. An enhanced bottom line is just one conversation away.

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Tropic negotiates each new and renewing SaaS agreement on your behalf. Their Strategic Buyers have purchased many tools of many sizes repeatedly. We leverage volume and experience to negotiate more efficiently. Finance, IT, and Ops leaders are losing up to 15% of their time negotiating with software salespeople. That time is better spent growing the business. Leave your purchases to Tropic, and they'll come back when the agreement is signed.

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The Vendr team are expert SaaS buyers, and they guarantee they’ll save you money. They buy and renew software for finance teams who value cost savings. For companies who use a lot of enterprise SaaS, it’s impossible to know if you are paying the right price and there aren’t enough hours in the day to effectively manage all of your SaaS renewals. With Vendr, they do it for you.

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