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   Research and Advisory


These firms provide access to experts, in-depth research reports, and more. If you have responsibility for briefing these firms, check out our tips for a successful briefing.

Gartner for Marketers
 provides the objective, expert advice, and proven tools that CMOs and other marketing leaders need to seize the right opportunities with clarity and confidence, and to stay ahead of the trends that matter. With in-depth research and analysis, Gartner for Marketers helps companies focus on the opportunities with the greatest potential to deliver results.

Gartner Magic Quadrant Methodology

Gartner Digital IQ Index
The Gartner Digital IQ Index provides sector-specific research against which brands can benchmark their digital performance relative to industry competitors

Gartner analysts

Note: If you are going to quote Gartner data in a blog post, presentation, or LinkedIn article you need to get their approval. It’s a simple process. Here’s how!



Through straightforward research and hands-on partnership with seasoned analysts, Forrester helps marketing leaders advance and motivate their teams to create customer-led, cutting-edge marketing strategies that lead to measurable impact on growth and retention.

Forrester Wave Methodology

Forrester analysts

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The Real Story Group publishes vendor evaluations that sort out suitable technology choices for your particular needs.  Our research is known for its technical depth, toughness, and absolute neutrality. We’re a team of former practitioners who set out to create a new kind of research and advisory firm, one that worked only for enterprise technology customers who wanted the real story about Digital Workplace and Marketing Technologies.

Real Story Group analysts

An excellent article by Tony Byrne: What Lessons Does History Teach for the CDP Buyer.


Marketing and sales technologies are driving forces for all companies as customers move to online, mobile-first, and collaborative relationship models. In reaching and selling to customers, it is essential that organizations aggressively develop optimal marketing and sales technology infrastructure, operational and analytic skills, collaborative cultures, and creative problem solving needed to truly add value to customer relationships. IDC’s Marketing and Sales Solutions service provides strategic frameworks for thinking about the individual and aligned areas of marketing and sales technology as parts of a holistic business strategy. This program delivers insight, information, and data on the main drivers for the adoption of these technologies in the broader context of customer experience (CX) and connected business strategies.

Markets and Subjects Analyzed

– Marketing automation, campaign management, and go-to-market execution applications
– Sales force automation applications
– The application of AI and analytics to sales and marketing
– Mobile and digital applications and strategies
– Customer data management, orchestration, and analytics
– Identity, personalization, privacy, consent, and governance
– CX strategies

IDC analysts



Atlaas is a customer data and advisory firm built on the premise that aligning internal and external business operations with customer expectations are the cornerstone of a successful brand. Based on proprietary “Expectation Topography” data and leveraging its “Customer Design Thinking” methodology, Atlaas provides organizations with a roadmap to align their customer-facing initiatives around their customers’ values and expectations


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