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   MarTech Industry Blogs & Newsletters

Industry Blogs & Newsletters

Most of the industry publications have a newsletter and/or blog; make sure you subscribe to the ones that make sense for you.


  • The MarTech Weekly: A weekly newsletter from Down Under! Published every Sunday by Juan Mendoza, marketing technology strategist at The Lumery, MTW covers the latest news, research, and important work in marketing tech.
  • Near Media’s newsletter provides unique insights into the digital ecosystem through its first-party research, a newsletter and weekly podcast.
  • Christopher Penn: Every week you’ll get some of the top news and articles in marketing, analytics, data science and AI.
    • Venture Beat marketing Weekly gives the latest Marketing news, analysis and insight from VentureBeat and is the most authoritative source on transformative technology.
    • Only Influencers covers email strategy, tactics and news in both a blog and weekly newsletter.


    • Chief Martec: Focused on the transformation of marketing by technology, Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot and creator of the MarTech Landscape/Map, blogs about a wide variety of topics in the fields of marketing management and marketing software. He provides commentary on the most recent developments in MarTech and how they’re reshaping businesses.
    • Martech Tribe: Deep dives into category landscapes and the application of marketing technology.
    • Future of Marketing: A must for all tech junkies! Developments in Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Hyper-Personalization, Facial Recognition, Voice Search/Digital Assistants and much more. 
    • Gartner Weekly Digest: The latest Gartner research highlights, expert blogs and event news.
    • Neil PatelReviews of product categories and “how-to” posts.
    • Brian Solis: A futurist and digital analyst at Altimeter Group, studies the effects of disruptive technology on business and even society in general.
    • MarketingProfs: MarketingProfs focuses on delivering training programs, online events, conferences and free resources to help individuals, small teams and large organizations alike execute marketing campaigns that drive business results.
    • OrbitMedia: Practical tips for content marketing, analytics and web design.

    Vendor Blogs & Newsletters

    Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletters of your key vendors. It’s a great way to learn about new features, integrations and how they see the market evolving.

    • Marketo: Some promotional posts but mostly general posts about the application of MarTech.
    • CabinetM Weekly: CabinetM covers the latest product, feature and acquisition announcements in MarTech.
    • The Next CMO blog, sponsored by Plannuh, features thought leadership content for the contemporary marketing leader, including strategic and practical best practices.

    We are happy to showcase any vendor blog that provides educational content and is not just a promotional vehicle for a vendor.

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